April 12, 2016

Current Events

March 14, 2017

Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s

Youth Philanthropy Grant Program

Has once again recognized the Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Our Project: Grant Management Database

We are thrilled to partner once again with the amazing high school philanthropists at Teton High School. With the generous help of the Youth Philanthropy Grant program, we have hired a Grants Database Manager to help us respond to upcoming grant opportunities that fit our mission within a timely manner. This project will help us to become proactive to grant opportunities. We commend the student philanthropists for recognizing the importance of their generous gift in leveraging their funds to increase our development potential.



This project is funded through a grant from the Community Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Grant Program.

June 25, 2016

TWRC Partners with VARD to Protect Wildlife and Natural Resources


Announcement for a celebratory event on the treasured Unland property in Teton County, Idaho. This event officially marked the beginning of a partnership that will leverage the ability of these two organizations to accomplish protection of wildlife and habitat.


Lindsay and Renee wrap up a successful evening at the VARD event. TWRC and VARD are working together to promote protection of wildlife and habitat in Teton Valley, Idaho.


Renee speaks to the crowd about the importance of this area to our wildlife. “When I look at this landscape from the perspective of a wildlife ecologist, the value of this land is obvious to me . . . This landscape is critical to our native wildlife.”



Thank You, Community Foundation of Teton Valley!

We were very successful at this year’s Teton Valley Community Foundation Challenger Fund Raising opportunity. Donations made to Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center through the 9th Annual Tin Cup Challenge were generously matched by the community through the Community Foundation’s efforts. We are grateful for this opportunity to reach out to the local community to raise awareness about the work we do and we are grateful that the Community Foundation includes us as a valuable community organization. Please join us in thanking the Community Foundation for caring deeply about our local nonprofit organizations!




April 7, 2016

Continuing Education for the Rehabilitation of Native Wildlife

In order to rehabilitate injured local wildlife for release back to the wild, staff members at the Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center are required to participate in continuing education units. These allow us to establish certification and obtain permits for wildlife rehabilitation. Our Program Director, Lindsay Jones, will study with the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council this summer to achieve certification and broaden our expertise. This project is being funded in part by a grant from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s Youth Philanthropy Grant program.