December 20, 2015

Found an Animal?

If you have found a wild animal that you believe is injured, sick, or orphaned, it is very important that you do not approach or collect the animal! Please read our species-specific recommendations here. Collect information about the animal—if it is safe to do so—including its location, from afar and then leave the area as quickly as you can. A GPS location is most helpful. Remember wild animals can be dangerous and can carry diseases harmful to humans. Please contact us or the appropriate state agency as soon as possible to report the animal and its condition. 

Renee Seidler (435) 760-7267

Yael Braun (207) 310-3132

Important information to collect includes:

  • Species
  • Number of animals involved
  • What appears to be the problem
  • GPS or detailed verbal description of location
  • Date and time you found the animal(s)
  • Your name and number

If you find a raptor in need of care, please contact Teton Raptor Center’s Injured Raptor Hotline at 307-200-6019.