End of Year Update

2020 has been a chaotic year for all of us but we are looking excitedly at 2021’s rising horizon adjusting to the changes in our day-to-day lives including major changes at TWRC. Operating as a working board without a staff member most of the year, we took a close look at the most important goals for the organization. We have only one priority: building a facility to increase the number of wildlife we can help. With such a goal on the horizon, TWRC also needed to find the right individual to help bring our goals to fruition. 

We are pleased to announce the addition of Tibby Plasse to the TWRC team. Tibby is a long-time Teton Valley resident and many may recognize her from her role at Paradise Springs Farm over the last decade. As a dairy-wife, Tibby helped the biodynamic and raw dairy farm achieve national recognition for organic practices. Tibby, besides having a love for farming, health and animals, has been working with nonprofit organizations since 2005 specializing in marketing and development campaigns. She worked for the Sun Valley Chamber Visitors Bureau, Sun Valley Community School, Jackson Whole Grocer, Kate’s Real Food, the Biodynamic Certification Agency, and Demeter USA. Also a freelance writer, she holds an MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a BA in English and Political Science from Bucknell University. Tibby graduated from both institutions with honors. Tibby regularly contributes to Big Sky Journal, Western Home Journal, Sun Valley Property News, Teton Family Magazine, and other regional publications.

“I am excitedly looking forward to a new year and the new opportunities and energy that Tibby brings to TWRC. There is no bigger responsibility that we have than to help wildlife that has been impacted by humans. We are pushing full steam ahead and are committed to our mission and vision. We remain humbled by your continued support and compassion for our wild neighbors.” – Kristin Combs, TWRC Board President. 

It’s a great responsibility to be a good neighbor no matter if they walk on four legs or two, have wings or flick a tail. Your help makes the hope a real accomplishment. Our property in Driggs has two fully functional rehabilitation ponds and two enclosures where we can rehabilitate animals until they are ready for release. The land comprises three acres that were generously donated by Edie Harrop and Gloria Smith. As we enter 2021 with optimism and a fierce resilience, we are excited to launch our capital campaign for the new building and naming of the Driggs property.

We would like to hear from you and your inspirations as we begin the naming selection process for the property and the building. Please reach out to Tibby at tibby@tetonwildlife.org for the name nominations and giving opportunities. We’re excited to share plans with all of you!