July 20, 2016

Wish List

As a nonprofit that operates with the community’s support, we have a wish list of items that we need. We hope you will consider contributing one of these items as a purchased or used donation. These items range from small to large and are critical in order for us to provide support and care for wildlife. If any of these items are something you would like to donate, please contact us for details on the items.

  • live box traps to capture wildlife in need of veterinary and/or rehabilitative care
  • camera traps to investigate wildlife situations non-invasively
  • used pickup truck or similar, capable of pulling a trailer regularly over Teton Pass
  • medical veterinary supplies, including Esbilac’s puppy formula, towels (Please no terrycloth, just smoot towels. Animals’claws can easily get stuck in the loops. They need to be smooth towels), baby blankets,
    baby bottles (with various nipple sizes), bottle cleaning brushes, dish soap, antibacterial wipes, laundry detergent,
    small containers for serving food (flat, shallow dishes or lids are ideal), and dog crate/kennel/pens are always of interest (!!)

    IMG_0922 - Version 2 - Version 2 - Version 2

  • metal or plastic cages for rehabilitation of wildlife